Meeting of Techno Skill Committee of KPCJAA was held on 17Th may 2016

A meeting of Techno Skill Committee of KPCJAA was held on 17Th may at 12:30 p.m. in the chamber of principal KPCJ, the patron of KPCJAA.  In this meeting following members were present-

  1. Shri Mahesh Sharma- The Patron of KPCJAA
  2. Shri Rajeev Yadav- Faculty KPCJ
  3. Shri Rajesh Chedwal- Faculty KPCJ
  4. Shri Dinesh Chand Saini-  Chairman Techno Skill Committee
  5. Shri Manish Chopra – Member
  6. Shri Suresh Sharma – Member
  7. Shri Yogesh Saini – Member
  8. Shri Sachin Goyal – Member
  9. Shri Prayag Vijayvargiy – Member


In the meeting following decision were taken and suggestions were incorporated-

  1. On Deen Dayal Jayanti, the 25th Sept 2016, a blood donation Camp will be organized in the Khaitan Polytechnic College Campus, in which students, staff and alumnus will donate blood.

 A letter through principal KPCJ will be written to blood bank SMS and blood bank SDMH Jaipur for arranging blood donation camp .

  1. A medical camp will be organized on 25th Sept 2016, in which some tests of blood like hemoglobin, blood group, blood sugar etc will be done. Blood pressure, eyes test etc will also be checked in the camp

In this regard principal KPCJ will write a letter to CMHO Jaipur to arrange the medical team. Some of alumnus who have doctors in their family should motivate to give their services in the camp.

  1. A cleanliness drive in next month will be done to clean the college campus with the help Nagar Nigam Staff and the EC member who have contracts in Nagar Nigam.
  2. Plantation in the month of July will be done by all students, staff and alumnus. A target of 100 plants of size 4-6 feet is taken to plant Neem, Sheesham, Ashok, Golmohar, Peepal and other shadow trees.
  3. Lecture on solar energy, wind energy, environment, pollution, topics related to new technology etc will be taken by the alumnus and some experts in the new session.

The alumnus who are interested to take lectures may give their details regarding topic and duration with or without power point presentation. 

  1. Lecture on soft skill like personality development, leadership quality and communication skills will be arranged by alumnus. These lectures will be taken by experienced alumnus in the relevant field and some experts from outside.

The alumnus who are interested to take lectures may give their details regarding topic and duration  with or without power point presentation. 

  1. A competition among students who have prepared jobs or working models of different branches of Khaitan Polytechnic College will be done in the new session.

In the next phase, a competition among the students of various polytechnic colleges of Rajasthan will be organized for which they will be honored as per their achievements.

  1. The patron of KPCJAA suggested to start a Matka Pyau in the college campus having the name of KPCJAA in the month of May 2016.
  2. Patron KPCJAA also suggested to make available painting material to paint the front portion of college campus at the entry point.


A meeting of KPCJAA was held at Govt. R.C.Khaitan Polytechnic College campus on 29th April 2016.  The meeting was attended by twelve E.C. members.

The minutes of the meeting are as follows.

  • Alumni Meet & Holi Milan Samaroh 2016, held on 10th April 2016 was reviewed by Executive Members. All Members conveyed gratitude to the all alumnus for their gracious presence.
  • Treasurer Mr. Satish Chand Gupta presented the expenses details of function at the meeting. The details of expenses are as follows:
 1 Lunch Rs. 29500.00
 2 Sweets Rs. 6000.00
 3 Cold Drink Rs. 2500.00
 4 Water Rs. 900.00
 5 D.J. Rs. 5250.00
 6 Mementos Rs. 1800.00
 7 Safa Rs. 3250.00
 8 Badges Rs. 750.00
 9 Donation to Kavi Rs. 1100.00
Total Rs. 51050/-

The twenty E.C. members contributed Rs. 2600/- each to meet the expenses of above function.

During the Alumni Meet & Holi Milan Samaroh 2016 function, new membership drive was also held at the venue. Treasurer Mr. Satish Chand Gupta Informed the Executive Committee that total 94 members registered at the event. In total Rs.1,03,400.00 were collected as lifetime membership fees, which will be deposited in a F.D. account in a Nationalised Bank.

President Mr. Rajesh Yadav informed that the process of opening association’s bank account is underway and very soon it will be completed.

Executive Committee welcomed the new members in association & thanked them for their cooperation.

To Execute Different Task of Association, 29th APRIL 2016.

  • Membership Committee
  • Information Technology (IT) Committee
  • Techno Skill Development Committee

Membership Committee and Its Members (29Th APRIL 2016)

To achieve the objectives of KPCJAA, It is imperative that all ex-students are brought in to the fold of the association. Keeping this as prime vision, Executives has decided to form a Membership Committee. The main responsibility of the membership committee will be to reach the maximum number of alumnus and bring them in to the fold of association. To achieve this task, subcommittee will devise the ways in consultation with Executive Committee

Membership of the committee are as follows:

Chairman   : Mr.Surendra Verma

Member     :

  1. Mr. Yogesh Saini
  2. Mr. Sanwar Mal Jangid
  3. Mr Sachin Goel

Informatrion Technology (IT) Committee and Its members (29Th APRIL 2016)

To look after the IT related work a committee was formed. It will be responsible to maintain & conduct all the work related to IT, Website, Facebook, WhatsApp, Design Work, Apps and Media / Publishing.

The Members of the committee are as follows:

Chairman    :  Mr. Yogesh Saini

Member       : MrSurendra Singh Shekhawat, Mr. Sachin Goel

Techno Skill Development Committee and Its members (29Th APRIL 2016)

A ten members committee has been formed to look after the Technology & Entrepreneurship Development among Khaitan’s students & alumni and to keep them abreast with the new technologies & ideas, taking place in today fast changing world.

The committee will also work to develop entrepreneurship among students & alumni. To cater this need, committee will decide a road map, and will finalise activities to be carried out in next one year. It was also decided, that to achieve this goal, Seminars &  Experts lectures will also be arranged on technical as well as social & life skills issues.

On suggestion of Mr. Kailash Mishra, it was decided to explore the possibilities of holding a Engineering /Technical Model Making competition among Govt. Polytechnic Colleges of Rajasthan, which will be hosted by Khaitan Polytechnic College in association with KPCJAA.

Members of the committee are as follows: 

Chairman      :  Mr. Dinesh Chand Saini

Members :- 

  1. Surendra Verma
  2. Manish Chopra
  3. Yogesh Saini
  4. Devesh Mathur
  5. Suresh Sharma
  6. Prayag Vijayvargiya
  7. Sanwar Mal Jangid
  8. Surendra Singh Shekawat
  9. Manish Chaturvedi
  10. Sachin Goel

Other Activity of KPCJAA

  • Executive Committee decided to hold a Blood Donation Camp at Khaitan College Campus, in consultation with College administration.
  • Executive Committee also decided to hold a plantation drive in July 2016 during monsoon season. It was also decided that all alumnus & students will be requested to sign a pledge to plant a tree on their each & every birthday.

Meeting of executive committee of alumni association (21 Feb 2016)

Meeting minutes Click to Download
Invitation of suggestions for the alumni constitution Click to Download
Notice of general body meeting of alumni for ratification of alumni constitution Click to Download

Meeting of office bearers of Alumni Association (Feb 06, 2016)

A meeting of Govt R. C. Khaitan Polytechnic College Association was held on 6/02/2016 at the college campus. The meeting was attended by 15 newly elected office bearers and executive members. Following are the suggestions by executive members:

    • The nomenclature of alumni association from now onwards will be “KPJ Alumni Association, Jaipur”.
    • The lifetime membership fee for members will be Rs 1100/-
    • The alumni office will be at Govt. R. C. Khaitan Polytechnic College, Jaipur campus.
    • To strengthen the association in a democratic manner there should be efforts to add members from each passed out year batch.
    • Following four member committee is constituted to draft constitution of the alumni association

    – Sh. Manish Chopra – Chairman
    – Sh. Devesh Mathur – Member
    – Sh. Radheyshyam Upadhyay – Member
    – Sh. Surendra Singh Shekhawat – Member

    • The next meeting of the alumni office members will be held at 11:00 am on 21/02/2016 at college campus to finalize the draft of the constitution
    • Registration of alumni will be initiated after the meeting

Alumni Meet News (Jan 23, 2016)

On Jan 23rd, 2016 around 150 Ex-students of Govt. R.C. Khaitan Polytechnic College, Jaipur gathered at college campus to form Alumni Association. All students were excited to meet their colleagues after a long time. They have shown lot of interest to form alumni association. Therefore following students have been elected voluntarily as office bearers of the Govt. R.C. Khaitan Polytechnic College, Jaipur.
1. Rajesh Yadav, President
2. Suresh Sharma, Vice President
3. Surendra Verma, Gen. Secretary
4. Radhey Shyam, Joint Secretary.
5. Satish Gupta, Treasurer
The next meeting of above office bearer will be held on 06.2.2016 At College Campus to carry out further activities to give concrete shape and to strengthen the alumni.